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Brown’s House Still Stands

The Belize City Council and its partners had plans to demolish a building at the corner of Amara Avenue and Allenby Street. The demolition was originally scheduled for this morning but later postponed to this afternoon when the authorities spoke to the owner. The building is barely standing and the only thing that’s keeping it up other than a pair of two by fours edged to the side, is an unclear court order. Councilor Phillip Willoughby explained.


“This particular structure has been before the courts already, the magistrate did adjudicate on it but the outcome of the case for us we feel as if though it wasn’t clear cut. The order states that the most eastern portion of the building should be demolished, now there is no definition as in length, width or height as such. What we will do again is to go back before the courts and you can have a look at this structure in this particular case that even if we demolish the first five feet of the structure you will note that the upper flat will also be compromised and will fall and then it goes beyond that point that the remaining portion of the structure will be compromised. So that is what we now go back to explain to the court in relation to this matter. The police department representative along with the city engineer will take the dimensions. If it is in the entire structure then we will take the dimensions of the entire structure but what wasn’t taken before the court was the size of the structure that ought to be demolished so if we are saying that we are only to take down the eastern portion what is the eastern portion.”


“Yes but as it is right now how much of this structure is compromised?”


“As is, according to the engineer and the city planner if we seek to take down the first five feet of this structure I believe that the top portion will collapse and it will further compromise the structure by weakening it and then I believe we would have to take down the entire structure. We explained to her and she knows this because she went to court for the building already, that the court in its ruling made the decision to take down the most eastern portion. Fine if we take down just the most eastern portion then we undermine the top structure and then we have the remaining structure exposed and the remaining structure is still compromised so what do we do then who takes responsibility for that? I am saying as an elected representative of the city I have to be concerned for all those persons in this area, it has to be a concern for all of us.”

The city council has identified a number of abandoned buildings up for demolition most of which are on Southside Belize City.