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BSCAP’s Chair responds to allegations

Last Friday the BSCAP Board sent a release in response to Barrow’s allegations. In it, BSCAP accepted Barrow’s resignation from the post of CEO.  The board also expressed regret on how Barrow had chosen to address the situation saying it was best to deal with it outside the media. It also stated that the allegations on expenses and salaries were one hundred percent false and it would gladly release audited financials to substantiate this position. Today, Chair of the Board and former CEO Heather Cunningham, whose name is being called in the matter, and Board member, Joseph Guerrero spoke with the media.


Heather Cunningham – Chair, BSCAP Board

“The CEO reports to the BSCAP board of directors and the board approves all royalty distributions. Distribution can only be approved if the licensing fees are paid by businesses and to date we have approximately fifteen businesses including Plus TV as the only broadcast licensee that has actually paid a license fee. Compare this to the approximate 2,000 or more users that BSCAP estimates uses music without paying a licensing fee in contravention of the Belize copyright act. Secondly the board also approves all salaries and expenses which include annual payments to SESAC, Access who are organizations that aid BSCAP in international copyright royalty collections and as an international organization we submit an annual report to our affiliates which include financial. Lastly BSCAP has rules and policies that were in place long before Shyne took the post of CEO. Our distribution rules govern the distribution process and is available to all of our members and international affiliates to be clear the upcoming distribution that has been approved by the board was based solely on the monies received from 2014 to 2016 and it’s important to note that during this period and in accordance with the financial report that was allegedly leaked to the public it is clear that only a nominal amount was collected I think it’s around $13,000 so we’re not even sure where the figure of $600,000 that is floating around came from. The figure of $600,000 is absolutely preposterous and in correct I don’t know where it came from and if you’re looking at the same financials that I’m looking and I’m not the best with math but I don’t know how $600,000 even with expenses and salaries and anything else that was pulled into the mix it still doesn’t equal $600,000 so again it’s highly inflammatory what Shyne is saying. Why he would go this route? I don’t know. Why he would pull the number $600,000 out the air I don’t know but it’s not true and I do want to clearly state on the record that I have not been paid anything by BSCAP I started in 2010 and it is now 2017 and I have not been paid a dime from BSCAP.”