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BSI advancing on Direct Consumption Sugar Project

Before the start of the 2017/2018 crop season, the Belize Sugar Industry sought the full cooperation of sugar cane farmers to move forward with the direct consumption sugar project, a project BSI would be investing twenty-two million dollars in.  Through the project, BSI hopes to improve competitiveness and find new markets such as the Caribbean. Before the crop started, that support rolled in and the project was green-lighted. Vice President of International Relations for ASR/BSI, Mac McLachlan said BSI has advanced on investments to increase the production of direct consumption sugar.

Mac McLachlan – Vice President, International Relations, ASR/BSI

“We are putting in a lot more new equipment into BSI, were putting a big new storage area here to be able to deal with these types of sugars and how we package them. So we are on track, we’re moving rapidly towards that and what we’re really doing and I think what most producers of raw sugar I nonfood crave sugar are thinking about is how they can move up the value chain, how you can start producing something that will have a higher value than the base commodity of raw sugar so we are moving as quickly as we can here to move from that raw sugar production to a higher grade food grade sugar production that can then can be marketed much more easily both in the Caribbean, in the EU and in other markets too for the benefit obviously of the business but more importantly in sugar because it is a socioeconomic business for the benefit of all of those it supports including the farmers and their families.”

McLachlan adds that the performance of the current sugar crop is on track. The sugar cane farmers are producing high-quality cane, while factory efficiency is very good. Even though recent rains slowed down the production process slightly, McLachlan says production remains on schedule.