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BSI invests in new tugboat “Shuga Pride” to increase loading efficiency of sugar

Last week Vice President of International Relations for American Sugar Refinery (ASR), Mac McLachlan, announced a fifty million dollar investment the company would be making in the Belize Sugar Industries (BSI).  The company has announced that it purchased a (VO STARTS) sixty foot tug boat, “Shuga Pride,” which boasts a whopping one thousand, two hundred horsepower. This was purchased at a cost of one point two million dollars. The tug boat will be added to the company’s current fleet. According to the company, in the absence of a suitable deep water port in close enough proximity to the mill, they have to haul sugar in barges 122 miles up the New River and down the Caribbean coast to load onto vessels. BSI has developed a strategy to improve the efficiency of loading raw sugar onto ocean going vessels. The strategy includes a detailed maintenance program for barges which transport sugar from Tower Hill Mill to ocean going vessels and a reduction in the amount of raw sugar to be shipped. The company now focuses on the production of bagged, food grade sugars which are exported in containers. The new vessel is capable of pulling twice the sugar load of the other tugs in the fleet.