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BSI/ASR looks for New Market

BSI/ASR now has the full cooperation of the three cane farmers associations as they move forward with the project of producing more direct consumption sugar. BSI/ASR is investing twenty-two million dollars in BSI to increase the production of direct consumption sugars that fetch higher prices on the world market and especially the EU market. The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association had been the only group to hold out on signing onto the agreements with BSI but today they are now fully on board. ASR Vice President of International Relations Mac McLachlan spoke on the progress at the launch of the pre-harvesting quality testing program on Tuesday.

Mac McLachlan

“We’ve signed an agreement with all three associations that take us through another four years that makes common sense it a good agreement for all of us, there are some compromises in there but basically we are on the right path to put behind us some of the division and some of the difficulty we’ve had and to actually look at the things we can do that is the whole point, it about what is in our hands to do and what isn’t in our hands to do. We are busily putting investment in, we are building a large warehouse, we are putting in all the equipment that we need to put in, we are on target as far as I’m aware and we’ll be looking at introducing a higher quantity of direct consumption sugars during the course of the next crop.”

McLachlan said they have been visiting the Caribbean in hopes of finding new markets for the direct consumption sugars.