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BSI’s Investment to Benefit Farmers, Says Agriculture Minister

During the interview, the media also asked Minister Jose Mai about the recent launch held by BSI/ASR.  Last week, the company unveiled its multi-million dollar logistics plan for raw sugar and molasses at the Big Creek Port in Stann Creek.  The event is seen as a critical step in the industry as it tries to streamline and modernize its operations.  Minister Mai explained how this will help sugar cane farmers in the north. 

Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise: “One of the biggest challenges that cane farmers are faced is the high cost of producing sugar cane, the high cost of transportation, the high cost in general that they’re faced with. You will understand by now that farmers do pay a part of the cost that BSI incurs. Local handling and ocean freight farmers do absorb a portion of that cost so when you accelerate the time of loading from what was what fifteen, twenty days to three days then that’s supposed to be a monumental savings in terms of costs and that then trickles dow to the farmer. So whenever BSI saves a dollar the farmer is saving a portion of it and that is very important. You will recall that sugar was moved before by barge all the way down the river into the bay and out to the sea and loading was done there with a crane that now is all in the past. BSI now transports their sugar by road all the way to Big Creek and then the filling of the ship is very fast and efficient now so whenever they save a dollar the farmers are happy because it should trickle down to them. “