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BTB accepting scholarship applications

For several years, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has been offering scholarship opportunities to persons interested in pursuing a career in Tourism.  BTB is once again accepting applications for the scholarship awards for the upcoming school year. Love news spoke with Herbert Haylock, the Director of Quality Assurance and Industry Standard who spoke about the scholarships.

Herbert Haylock –  Director for Quality Assurance & Industry Standard, BTB: “There are four areas that we provide scholarship for: one is the Associates Degree, the other is the Bachelor’s Degree and then there is the Jane Shaw Scholarship Award that’s issued and then the fourth area is a Culinary Scholarship Award. The Associates Degree award is a tuition scholarship award that’s provided, it’s the same thing for the Bachelor’s Degree and the Jane Shaw Scholarship Award is a full tuition and full Scholarship Award so it covers in addition to the tuition additional items such as books and other things of that nature that the student may have to address and deal with when they are in school. The Culinary Award and Scholarship Award is a one off award that’s provided to a recipient based on the selection at the end of the day that is pursuing a Culinary Degree again in that case you might have students who are pursing larger degrees or larger time spans but the award and the award value covers a portion of that or is attributed to a portion of that so those are the four that we offer. The total sum and the total quantum that is covered in the Scholarships is approximate to between $35,000 – $45,000 and you only depending on the number of award in each category that we provide.”

Persons interested in applying for a scholarship can contact BTB at The application deadline is June 29.