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BTB & BHA award $30K in scholarships

For ten students their road to further their education got a little bit easier with scholarships from the Belize Tourism Board and the Belize Hotel Association.  Herbert Haylock is the Director of Quality Assurance and Industry Standard, at the BTB.

Herbert Haylock Director of Quality Assurance: The awards that we give out specifically from the board are geared towards students who pursuing studies in the Tourism field whether that’s Tourism management in particular with the programs that are offered. The awards are one for associates, one for bachelors and a particular award which Gene Shaw scholarship award which is a little bit more in terms of what it covers. It’s a specific rewards and scholarship offer that is provided to a deserving female student as well so those are the three awards we are delivering today.

Jonelle Mckenzie: Now how are these students selected for these scholarships?

Herbert Haylock Director of Quality Assurance: Again in terms of  the criteria that is being used. In terms of the criteria being used, in terms of the GPA’s that they maintain, in terms of educational components looking at that area and again financial need in terms of the process as well so those are some of the main areas we looking at when we assess and determine the award and the scoring process.

Johnelle Mckenzie: BTB’s scholarships were geared towards students pursuing studies in tourism.  For the other students, they will have the opportunity to attend the school of their choice.  President of the Belize Hotel Association Ted Tejada told Love News the students will receive full scholarships.

Ted Tejada President Belize Hotel Assocation: We did not actually peg it down to tourism. We actually just decided we will give it to students that are in need. Many of our employees come to us every year looking for financial assistance and as an association we got together and said we can raise some funds as a an association so this year we actually got quite a bit of petitions from the different members  and seven of them were approved and as I mention two of the are from the University. They are not really hospitality. We are giving them the freedom to study whatever field they prefer. We would love to have them prefer the hospitality industry because that’s what we live on but we are not pegging it down to hospitality.

Johnelle Mckenzie: These are full time scholarships, part time scholarship; what are we talking about?

Ted Tejeda President Belize Hotel Assocation: Most of them; actually two of the students; this is the second year in highschool so we are now helping them with their third year and two of them are actually their first year so we are granting them scholarship for the entire year. Actually for the school tuition.

Johnelle Mckenzie: The total value of the BTB scholarships is twenty-two thousand dollars while the total value of BHA scholarships is eight thousand dollars. Statistics show that only %13 of the population has tertiary level education. This is Jonelle Mckenzie reporting for Love news.

The total value of the BTB scholarships is twenty-two thousand dollars while the total value of BHA scholarships is eight thousand dollars.  Statistics show that only sixteen percent of the population has tertiary level education.