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BTB gives away $31,000 in scholarships

Today, Belize Tourism Board (BTB) handed out four scholarships to deserving students.  Herbert Haylock, Director of Quality Assurance & Industry Standards at BTB said that despite the small number the scholarships given to the students today, the value of the initiative is worth Thirty-One Thousand dollars.

Director of Quality Assurance & Industry Standards, Herbert Haylock:

“Today we awarded four students scholarship awards, specifically we awarded on associate’s degree tuition scholarship, we awarded a bachelor’s degree tuition scholarship we also awarded the Jean Shaw Scholarship award which is a tuition, book fees and other items covered under that particular award so it’s more expansive than the other two and we also awarded a culinary award which is not necessarily a full scholarship but its partial in terms of the contribution that is paid to that student pursuing a culinary program in the Tourism Sector.”

Haylock said that the four lucky students were selected from over twenty entries.

Director of Quality Assurance & Industry Standards, Herbert Haylock:

“We had over twenty entries, actually I think that entry might be higher than that it’s about twenty five entries that had come in for the period of time that the award was advertised and put out publicly and once the awards came in they were reviewed and looked at in light of the criteria that we had in relation to academic performance and need and the area of emphasis and focus for the students in terms of what they are pursuing. The awards being offered again just to underscore that the area of emphasis is financial need and being able to support that opportunity but also for students who are pursuing degrees and studies in the area of tourism specifically in that field because of the nature of work that we do at the board and that we would like to promote in terms of furthering capacity development in that area for the country as a whole. These students are studying at tertiary level institutions around the country in various tourism programs and we have one student who is receiving the culinary award who is in Mexico and pursuing a course of studies in Mexico in that field.”

Love News also spoke with two of the students, Norberto Alvarado and Rayeli Ake who were elated.

Norberto Alvarado:

“I’m going to Mexico City to a university known as Ambrosia Centro Culinario and I am doing a baking course there and getting a diploma in baking.”

Rayeli Ake:

“I believe that receiving this scholarship is a great opportunity to further my studies. I believe that as a student many of us are not aware of scholarship opportunities that Belize has to offer and not only Belize but internationally so when I found out about this scholarship I decided why not? I had a good GPA and I went for it and now that I have received it I’m excited and  glad that I got this opportunity to further my studies and of course I have to thank the Belize Tourism Board for giving me this opportunity.”