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BTB introduces new campaign

Have you ever been a tourist in your own country? Well the Belize Tourism Board encourages you to be. The BTB has decided to launch a new campaign entitled, “Discover How to Be a Belizean Traveller”. Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Noriko Gamero told us more.

Noriko Gamero – Marketing & Public Relations Manager, BTB

“This whole campaign came about based on the fact that we want to promote Belizeans to know their own country. I’ve traveled so many times and I get to meet different travelers I call them on going down to festivals and you find out how many people have never been outside of their comfort zone or their own district here in Belize. So this campaign is to create an awareness of the regions and the icons that represent each region that came about as part of the rebranding at BTB and Belize and we want to make that awareness also be tied in to the Belizean traveler so over the next six months we are going to be presenting each month new icon tied to the region, the videos will be aired on Channel 5, 7 and Love TV and the ads will be placed on the radio stations as well. You will see us at the different festivals with our cut out frames that are an interactive cutout frames for social media with the hashtag #BelizeanTraveller but it wouldn’t be effective if we didn’t work in collaboration with our stakeholders to make sure that it’s affordable. So what we’ve done is that we created the promo code and that code is basically a Belizean traveler discounted rate of a minimum of 40% so all Belizeans can start looking out in their newspapers and we will have all the packages offered by the stake holders and it can be a collaboration of not only the room itself but it can be the breakfast, a tour, the spa so it’s an accumulation of a complete package deal to create that 40% discount. For all of those stakeholders that haven’t sent in their promo codes can still do it and we’ll still put it in from the months of July to December.”

The campaign will run for six months.