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BTB launches Belizean Traveller Campaign 2019

Report figures show that tourism contributes approximately thirty-eight percent to Belize’s Gross Domestic Product. Therefore, keeping this industry viable is crucial to the economic well-being of our country and that is where the Belize Tourism Board comes in.  They are tasked with marketing Belize both internationally and locally. As part of their strategy, they embarked on a Belizean Traveller Campaign several years ago and this morning the 2019 season was launched.  The Belizean Traveller Campaign is an initiative geared at encouraging Belizeans to be a tourist in their own country. Each year a competition is launched, and the winners get a tourist package courtesy the BTB.  This year’s event is seeing a video competition taking flight.  Jocelle Stephen, the Manager for Marketing and Industry Relations at BTB, shared the concept of this year’s campaign.
Jocelle Stephen – Manager for Marketing and Industry Relations: The opportunity awaits you to be the grand prize winner of an all-expenses-paid vacation. Just send us a 45-second video on the subject, what would be your ideal vacation as a Belizean traveler. The first five videos that meet specific criteria which Mike will share more on will be uploaded to our Facebook Belizean Traveller page. Those videos now; it is up to you once your video is selected you will now have to encourage your friends and your family to like, share , love or wow your video. The video at the end of the competition which is at the end of October that gets the most likes and shares wins a vacation prize worth $4000 so we encourage you to join the fun. Send your videos to the address Belizean We have an influencer program, we have it as the one and only Marlyn Vansen who will travel over the jewel and share with her and our audiences as well via social media platforms the beauty and experiences of Belize.”
Jaime Rodriguez, one of the 2018 Belizean Travel Campaign winners, described his experience as amazing and breath-taking.
Jaime Rodriguez – Winner of the Belizean Travel Campaign 2018: “Being a tourist in your own country can be complicated at the best of times. Put two of us together with different preferences and it is super complicated. I am not sure that my words can express the appreciation I have for the magnitude of worth that the BTB did on putting together our vacation in the northern region of Belize. Mr. Mike Hernandez and his staff did a great job, took all of our considerations and provided an amazingly adventurous once in a lifetime trip. Orange Walk and Corozal are extremely beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of our time on this trip. I am sure that our favorite parts were, the river journey to Lamanai, the mosquito avenue Cerros, kayaking at Cerros Sands, the beautiful waters of Sartejna, the pristine Shipstern Nature Reserve or visiting various villages you only hear about and ask yourself  when am I ever going to go there?”
This year’s competition ends in October and the video with the most likes will be the grand prize winner of a vacation package worth $4000.00. Today’s launch was held in collaboration with the Belize Hotel Association.