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BTB Launches Belizean Travellers Campaign

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) today launched its Belizean Traveller Campaign to encourage Belizeans to be a tourist in their own country. According to the BTB, the campaign also highlights the destination’s scenery and culture as the perfect menu for rejuvenation, adventure and exploration. BTB Chairman Evan Tillett spoke at today’s event at the Biltmore.

Evan Tillett, BTB Chairman: “Through domestic tourism lies the opportunity to increase employment and improve economic wealth of Belize. With the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on our economy this opportunity is more pertinent to our recovery. This year’s campaign takes on new life as it evolves from a summer campaign to an essential part of the unfading marketing message and promotion throughout the year. The BTB is committed to the development of domestic tourism in a meaningful and sustainable way and is an exceptional platform for year round tourism. We are cognizant that if we harness the true potential of domestic tourism it is important to raise awareness of the country’s abundant tourism offering and provide local travellers attractive and affordable packages.”

Influencers, including Love News’s Thamar Jones, will be doing a lot of travelling and documenting their experience with their followers on various social media platforms. Tillett explained how this will develop domestic tourism post-pandemic.

Evan Tillett, BTB Chairman“The Belizean Traveller campaign aims to create Belizean awareness of the country’s regions and attractions and vacation packages and highlight the destination scenery and culture showcasing Belize as a perfect place for rejuvenation, adventure and exploration. The Belizean Traveller campaign provides us with an opportunity to promote regular short stay travel pushing multiple destinations within the country and encouraging Belizeans to see as much of our country as possible. Belize is an oasis of fun, relaxation and adventure. Our offering is diverse, unique and captivating. Our rich history, culture, ancient Maya cities, world-class cave systems and beautiful cayes are right in our own back yard for all of us to enjoy.”

For more about the campaign, log on to Belize Booking dot Com.