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BTB launches On-line Portal

Tourism is one of the pillars of Belize’s economy.  The Belize Tourism Board is tasked with the responsibility to develop a market and implement tourism programs that will allow them to operate efficiently and effectively. It was with this in mind that the online portal was developed. The Director of Marketing, Karen Pike tells us more.

Karen Pike – Director of Marketing

“The new BTB online portal will replace the current manual system. It will be administered by the BTB and allow tourism stakeholders to conduct various types of official business such as licensing guest registration, monthly tax declaration, and online payments through selected banks. The portal is designed to be simple and user-friendly. It will be convenient since business will be conducted from the comfort of the stakeholder’s home or office. It will be fast, accurate, secure and easily accessible. Payments will be made in real time thus offering savings in cost and time to our valued stakeholders. The first phase being launched today will allow the hotel accommodations to make online submissions of monthly tax returns as well as online payments through Atlantic Bank, Belize Bank, Heritage Bank and Scotia Bank.”

The Business Development Manager, Sean Tang shared how the online portal will benefit their stakeholders.

Sean Tang – Business Development Manager

“The initial objective was so that we can provide a convenient service for our stakeholders in this tourism industry. We would want to bring the services that we provide currently such as licensing, guest registration forms, payments of taxes to our hotels at a convenient service. We would want to simplify this to make this process much more streamlined and convenient so that our stakeholders are able to access this service from the comfort of their home or office. What the portal will feature in this initial phase that we are launching today is that hotel stakeholders will be able to submit their monthly tax declarations online from this portal directly, so this will be real time. They will also be able to make their payments online through any of the banks; Atlantic Bank, Heritage Bank, Scotia Bank, and Belize Bank  and  they will also be able to view their current account information such as the contact information, license registration that you have with the BTB.”

The stakeholders will be able to access the portal from the BTB’s website.