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BTB Reports 2015 as a Good Year for Belize’s Industry

The Belize Tourism Board has released statistics for the ending of the year 2015. The BTB as we have reported has expanded their horizon of marketing globally as well, widening the tourist sector via new air lines in Belize. Noriko Gamero Marketing and Public Relations Manager spoke to love news about their recent statistics and the growth that tourism has seen in Belize.


“Overall we ended of 2015 with a spectacular year in tourism arrivals. Our overnight arrivals went up 6.2% which was extraordinary in the last seven months. Those last months showed a constant increase. We were able to see September having a 19.3% followed by October with a 22.1%, November with 33% and December with a 22.5% increase. It’s good to mention that the 33% for November is spectacular because it never goes over 10%, so a 33% really shows that all the efforts that have been done with the marketing initiative, cooperating with stakeholders and their increase in their marketing initiatives have really garnered Belize the exposure to get people interested in coming here. In addition to that we’ve seen a 7% increase in airport arrivals and I think that can be attributed to the new route from American Airlines that we had with LAX, SouthWest and COPA airlines. Note on COPA due to the new arrivals of the South American arrivals we saw a 50.4% increase in that specific market but what wasn’t mentioned was the other two emerging markets of Asia and the Caribbean. Asia increased by 40.5% and the Caribbean increased by 16.4%. We can start to see the market share is increasing in our number one market which is the US but it is also diversifying into new markets.”

Gamero says that their new tactics of marketing on social and international media such as tweets, endorsements, and giveaways have raised media attraction to over two hundred million impressions.


“In addition to our rigorous marketing campaign that we have ongoing in the US we did very out of the box marketing strategies. I’m sure some of you have seen our Small Country Sunday pitch that we gave to the media houses that picked up social media traction. We did a video for the NFL Kickers inviting the next NFL kicker to miss a field goal to come to Belize, that was aired on the NFL network show. We had the Steve Harvey tweet that took a mind of its own and three of those garnered over 200 million impressions on media alone, that is not including social media.”

Gamero says that Belize has developed a wide range of online reviews via stakeholders.