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BTB’s annual children’s party

Today was a regular school day, but for two hundred children instead of being in class, they were enjoying themselves at a Christmas party being held especially for them. Today, the Belize Tourism Board in collaboration with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association held it fifteenth annual Christmas children’s party. Love news spoke with Maria Guerra, the Cruise Coordinator at the Belize Tourism Board who said that they selected children from ten schools to be part of the Christmas bram.

Maria Guerra – Cruise Coordinator, BTB: “What we do each year is that the ship brings in toys for each and every child, 200 toys. The BTB along with our Cruise stakeholders are giving back to the community and we believe that the children is best to benefit from it especially this time of the year. It’s  Christmastime so caring and sharing for them and we want to ensure that we could have at least 200 children receive a toy for Christmas. We have entertainment by Ozzy the Clown, we have the DJ with live music for them, each child receives a toy, they receive a Christmas meal as well as Christmas party bag. The significance of having this party every year is that we know that there are many children in Belize who don’t receive a toy at Christmas time so it’s very important for us at the BTB to give back and it warms our heart to know that we could have 200 children receive a gift.”

Love news also spoke with Nora Armes, the Learning and Development Manager for the Royal Princess, who said that they were happy to be a part of such a wonderful initiative.

Nora Armes – Learning and Development Manager, Royal Princess: “To be a part of this wonderful Christmas event to bring toys and Santa to help the children celebrate ’Christmas is just a wonderful opportunity. We had a great turn out with crew wanting to come and help, we have had probably 35 to 40 crew members here with us today so it’s just been great opportunity for the crew to come out and give a little bit. To be able to come to all these beautiful ports and see the cultures and interact with the locals, it’s a great exciting experience so it’s wonderful to be able to do that.”

The party was held from 11:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the Fort Street Tourism Village.