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BTIA holds Annual General Meeting; New President elected

The Belize Tourism Industry Association, BTIA, held its annual general meeting today in Belize City. Executive director John Burgos spoke about some of the key elements of today’s meeting and the BTIA’s achievements over the past year.

 Executive director John Burgos: “The two main achievements that we are proud of is that we were able to serve the membership by providing a new series of training opportunities. We did a Serve Safe Training for cooking staff and we did also first aid and CPR training and we also provided a fire prevention and fire extinguisher training for members. Also for the first time we did an innovation and Tourism Talk whereby we had special international representatives from Google and More Turismo who is a digital marketing company, Expedia and Tripadvisor. So these people were able to address some of the concerns and some of the issues of the industry and at the same time share the great opportunities they offer the platforms. Secondly we were able to publish the the 20th edition of Destination Belize and its not only about having a printing magazine available but for this year we were able to expand on the branding of Destination Belize. We are going to offering two key things;, one of them is that for the first time going to be available in Spanish and secondly we are going to have the website  that is going to bring the magazine to life and in that website we are also going to be able to feature videos for advertisers and also from various destinations. We have videos of the drum making in Hopkins, we have videos of hudut making in Dangriga and videos of that sort you know, the Maya fireball game (the Pok Ta Pok) and it’s going to provide the platform whereby we are going to engage international potential tourists to have one hub where they can find all the information they need about Belize and all these attractions.”

After the elections concluded, Melanie Paz from San Pedro is the new President of BTIA. Stewart Krohn was re-elected as 2nd Vice President.