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BTIA will hold bi-annual AGM next month

The Belize Tourism Industry Association’s bi-annual general meeting will be held next month, on July 4th at the George Price Center in Belmopan. The executive director, John Burgos, told us more about what can be expected at the meeting.

John Burgos – Executive Director, BTIA: “At the end of May we presented the Sustainable Tourism Project that we wanted to implement for Belize over the next three years and that project is going to be able to address a lot of the issues we have in terms of carbon footprint, pollution, waste management and so forth so we are looking to roll over that project and we are looking at something positive. I am very pleased to know that we are already receiving some support from some funding agencies that are willing to provide the financial support so that we are able to go into full implementation mode so I am really happy about that. In terms of the industry, we still remain positive that things are going in the right direction. There are still a lot of issues that we need to address and we are very happy to know that there are different agencies looking at the things that we are looking at. They are already coming to the table so over the next six months leading up to December we should be able to focus more and compile resources with other entities. You know the Department of the Environment has already let us know that they are looking to do certain things on the ground and they want the support of the BTIA, we have the Pesticide Control Board that is looking to do certain things, Ministry of Tourism and the BTB, they also contribute to working with us. The other key thing that we are looking to roll over is that we are going to be offering more training opportunities. As you know in the Hospitality Industry we always have to ensure that our guests leave with a good taste in their mouth so we want to ensure that experiences being offered here in Belize are going to continue to improve the quality of the service. We are going to be looking at customer service, we are going to be looking at waiting staff, housekeeping, culinary, bartending and even tour guide training so we want to let the public know these opportunities are going to be coming to fruition starting in August. At the bi-annual we are going to do a soft launch of Destination Belize. As you know we published and launched the 20th Edition in October of last year so we already beginning the works for the next destination 21st Edition, that is going to be ready in October 2020. The work has to start from now so we are going to do a soft launch at the Maya Annual so we invite everybody to come and join us. Also, we got to celebrate that we had the Belize Tourism Expo, BTEX 2019 at the beginning of May. We are very pleased that all the feedback that we have received from the suppliers and buyers have been very positive so that means that we are going to be having more tourist come to Belize from around the world.”

Burgos also mentioned that next week, they will be having a training in San Pedro that covers first aid, CPR, fire precaution, and fire extinguishing. People who are interested could call the BTIA office to give their contact information. ///////