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BTL board makeup and the plans ahead

So, we have told you that Senator Mark Lizarraga is now heading the BTL Board of Directors and one of his directors is Marconi Leal Junior.  The list of the appointees was released today which shows the other five directors as Jermie Usher; Denise Courtenay who is the wife to Minister Eamon Courtenay; Eric Eusey who once held the posts of Commissioner of Income Tax and Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit).  The other directors are CEO in the Ministy of Youth, Sports and E-Governance Jose Urbina and  Michael Bowen, the CEO and Owner of Bowen and Bowen Limited.  Serving as the board’s Corporate Secretary is Melissa Balderamos-Mahler, wife to Minister of Tourism, Anthony Mahler.  Chairman Lizarraga told the media today that he is very much satisfied with the makeup of this new board.

Senator Mark Lizarraga, Chairman, Board of Directors, Belize Telemedia Limited: “I was very concerned about the composition of a board and I wanted the board members-I suggested that the board members have experience in the field, legal experience, business acumen and I must say that I think the board is well balanced. We have with us CEO Marconi Leal who has experience in the company and we have CEO Jose Urbina who as well has a lot of experience in the telecom industry. We have a young businessman and entrepreneur Jermie Usher. We have a Senior Counsel Denise Courtney who has over twenty years experiencing commercial and banking and common law- company law sorry. We have Michael Bowen who is the director and CEO of the Bowen Group of companies so I think we have a very hearty board. Let me tell you we had our first board meeting yesterday and I was very impressed with the level of engagement. What I can tell you is that one of the first things we looked at in our board meeting yesterday was how do we strengthen governance in BTL and how do we strengthen especially our internal audit. Our internal audit department is going to play a vital role in the new governance of this company and I can assure you that internal audit would be totally independent of the chair and of management. Internal audit is going to report directly to the board through an Internal Audit Committee. So they will be tasked at looking at all of these things. If it is their recommendation that we have further audits, if it is their recommendation that we have criminal matters be brought as a result of those investigations then the cards will have to lie where the cards lie but we’re gonna set up a governance structure and I had fully commitment from that yesterday at the board level that it’s going to be unequalled, that has never perhaps been seen at BTL that you can rest assured will happen.”

The board’s appointment became effective on December 4.