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BTL Buys Cable Company

Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) is making big moves. Love News confirmed today that the telecom giant purchased Alternative Networks- Cayo Television Network (CTN). Sources within BTL tell us that this latest business transaction is part of the company’s goal to increase returns on its investments in its fibre-optic network. Through the cable company, BTL will be creating content for television. Now, this isn’t exactly a new idea. BTL has been considering buying a cable company for years. But Alternative Networks-CTN is not just a cable company. It provides IP-TV services or Internet Television. The idea here is to stay ahead of the game since cable is seen as a dying industry. Alternative Networks-CTN offers SWITCH TV- an app similar to Netflix but only for users in Belize. We are told that channels on the SWITCH TV app are all legally obtained and properly copyrighted. It is expected that this will give BTL an advantage in the market. It is also expected that this will fall in line with BTL’s other services: purchase SWITCH TV using DIGI Wallet and stream using DigiNet. Back on April 16, 2021, Chairman of BTL Mark Lizarraga forecasted the need for BTL to stay competitive. 

Mark Lizaraga, Chairman, BTL Board of Directors: “If you look at the industry worldwide, everybody is going for what they call a quad play, that is telephone, internet in the home, mobile phone, and content. What’s interesting is all over the world, there are acquisitions, mergers used to consolidate because it’s the technology now and because you can put so much through fibre. It is just more efficient. Unfortunately, we do things a little backwards in Belize, in my view. You put in the infrastructure with nothing to put in it. Now we have this asset which we spent a lot of money for. We have to actually be careful how we go about using it and see if there are partnerships or public, private partnerships or you know, whatever sort of engagement we can entertain to see how we stop the race to the bottom and see how we can improve the profitability of the company. BTL, unfortunately, needs to improve on its profitability. It needs to start paying back the owners of this company for that humongous investment that you have in this company.”