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BTL Hustles to Repair Broken Fiber Optic Cable

A fiber cable break in Belmopan, this morning caused the interruption of 4G internet network around the vicinities of the US Embassy and the British High Commission. Public Relations for the Belize Telecommunications Limited, Roneisha Gentle told Love News the company is doing everything to restore the network by nine o’clock  tonight.


“There will be 4g data interruptions in the Picini area of Belmopan, like I said, including the  British High Commission and US Embassy area and that is just for today, the 24 of May due to a fibre break in the area and that interruption is expected to be normalized by 9pm tonight. Our team is working diligently in having this situation resolved in a timely manner. Also if the public has any question or queries, they can contact us at 119, text us at 608-8888”