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BTL rebrands

Belize Telemedia Ltd. is undergoing a rebranding exercise. The launch of the rebranding of the company’s services is being done under the new name Digi.  CEO Rochus Schreiber spoke of the new strategy.

CEO Rochus Schreiber: “It is not only important that we do a new brand. It will actually also create new value and save us money in the short and long term. Our company has been an integral part of Belize for over 100 years. It was actually said before that there were different names under which we operated during this time. Typically these new names were introduced when the company started something new when there was a break with the past or some new development that we were getting into and today we are exactly at the same time point. We are going beyond, we are starting something new; something revolutionary. Our Digi brand is the center of our new marketing platform that will make it easy for us and for our cross customers to recognize the new services that we will be rolling out shortly and it will make it easy for us to bundle these services into very attractive and affordable offers for our customers to use and enjoy in their day to day lives as well as for our business customers to use to develop themselves into new strategic directions and to go beyond what they thought was possible up until now.”

Schreiber was asked how impactful the new brand Digi will be on the company’s overall image, service and clientele.

CEO Rochus Schreiber: “We are doing lots of new thing and in order to break through the inertia, the expectations that customers have and that are partners have. We have to draw their attention to it and the new brand Digi, the new symbol, these strategies are the tools that we are using to break through these barriers of perception; through the barriers of stagnant stereotypes. We are a company that is bringing new things, we are a company that’s transforming the country and the brand and the new logo will help us to make it visible so the impact is as much a direction as the new technologies that we bring in because that is what will make people sit up and pay attention and notice that there is something new.”

The new Digi rebranding is scheduled for next Monday and will be displayed across all the company websites, social media platforms, Television and Radio advertising.