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BTL to make major investment

The Prime Minister also highlighted the ninety six million dollar investment BTL will be making in its national broadband plan.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“This is BTL’s fiber-to-the-home project and will connect around 90 thousand Belizean households over the next three years. It will mean a wholesale change-out of the current copper wire network and its replacement by state-of-the-art fiber optics. In turn this will permit Belize a level of broadband connectivity to rival any jurisdiction anywhere in the world. In other words, our core data infrastructure will be on a par with London, New York, Singapore and Seoul. To put into further perspective just how huge a deal this is, the World Bank has concluded that for every 10% increase in broadband penetration, some 1.38% growth is added to a nation’s GDP.  A check with residents and businesses in San Pedro can give anyone a peek into what this brave new world is looking like. Because of BTL’s implementation of its undersea fiber optic cable technology to San Pedro, people there enjoy internet speeds of up to 130 Mbps. This is a tenfold increase over previous offerings and the fastest internet service anywhere in Belize. And since pilot rollouts for the new fiber technology have already been taking place in Los Lagos, Joseito Layout in Corozal and a part of Lords Bank, BTL has taken on new workers and this additional employment will only grow as the program intensifies. It strikes me that what we have seen with road infrastructure we are now seeing with telecoms technology, and Belize in these areas is catapulting itself into first world territory.”