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BTL’s CFO stepping up to CEO

Chief Financial Officer for Belize Telemedia Limited, Ivan Tesucum, is reportedly preparing to step up and fill the seat as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.  Tesucum was already acting in that capacity prior to Rochus Schreiber’s arrival to Belize.  On Friday, we told you of Schreiber’s rapid departure.  There is still no statement coming out of the company to indicate why Schreiber who was earning a lavish income is leaving after only being here a little over two years.  Speculations were that it had to do with the almost 30 million dollars purportedly owed by BTL to the Government but a source from within the company says it has to do with Schreiber not seeing eye to eye with senior management at BTL.  We understand that Shreiber has given 90 days’ notice and the BTL Board is in the process of confirming his replacement.  And while Schreiber’s departure reportedly has nothing to do with the story of the near-30-million-dollar debt in taxes, the Belize Peace Movement has issued a release demanding answers.  The party says they are outraged at the supposed debt and has described the issue as being governmental negligence, malfeasance and violation of the tax and revenue laws.  The release went on to state “The immediate past CEO Mr. Rochus Schreiber has done the right thing by resigning within 48 hours after this news broke. If only half of the information is true, the entire board of directors who are responsible must tender their resignation with immediate effect. The BPM demands that an independent forensic audit and a criminal investigation be carried out without delay.”