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BTV condemns statement made by Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Belize Territorial Volunteers strongly condemns the statement made last week by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington.  In speaking about the upcoming referendum and the awareness campaign, Elrington said “if you don’t say yes to the ICJ, “you are crazy”. He further stated that it is only persons “in their right minds who would want to advocate for a yes vote.” Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers told Love News that the Minister remarks are condescending and unbecoming of someone in his position. Maheia said it is unclear how the ICJ education campaign will be conducted.

Wil Maheia – Belize Territorial Volunteers:  “So far government keeps saying ‘we have an education program in place.’ but no one has really seen that. Every so often we hear like government shows up at some place and gives a one sided conference or a one sided forum where everybody there supports going to the ICJ, government has not given the Belizean public a schedule as to when and where there will be these education campaigns.”

Reporter: How would you suggest to the government to go about solving the problem if this is not the route you want them to take?

Wil Maheia – Belize Territorial Volunteers: ‘This is definitely not the route, there are so many alternatives. Why such a rush? First of all we have not even brought it to the United Nations Security Council about Guatemala’s violation of our sovereignty I mean that is the first step we have not even done that. We have not tried to build bridges with the social partners in Guatemala to see how we could solve this dispute peacefully- everything for them is ‘let’s go to the ICJ, lets go to the ICJ.”

Belizeans will participate in a referendum on April 10, 2019, to vote whether or not to take the territorial dispute to the ICJ.