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BTV responds to BDF Commander

During the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday, Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General David Jones, expressed that due to the activities of the Belize Territorial Volunteers, his soldiers have begun having problems with Guatemalan Armed forces in that area. Leader of the BTV, Wil Maheia rebutted Jones’ assertions.  He said Brigadier General Jones is misinformed and incorrect in his statements.

Wil Maheia – BTV

“We will be making two more trips to our borders and another correction I’d like to make to the Commandant of the BDF, I find it strange that by carrying a flag without absolutely no guns, no weapons that we endanger the lives of the BDF. We have tremendous respect for the men and women of the Belize Defense Force. We know that they have put their lives on the line everyday but I would like to say by us holding the Belizean flag and showing love for country in no way jeopardizes or puts BDF lives at risk. Well I think if you check the BDF efforts and if Commander Jones is an honest guy he will tell you that the BDF has been harassed before BTV started going to the Sarstoon Island so they’ve had a long history of getting harassed to some extent by the Guatemalans and they tend to always sweep it under the rug. Thanks to the BTV these things are now being made public and being exposed. I was born and raised in the Toledo district and I have been going to the Sarstoon river all my live and while growing up we’d go up that river and there were several Belizean families living on the banks of the Sarstoon river so I don’t know what has changed between then and now but hearing the commander making statements that it is almost impossible to build on the banks of the Sarstoon River tells me a lot about the knowledge the commander has about the grounds in this country. Secondly I would like to point out to the commander that he could check the records, there are more dengue cases in Belize City than on the banks of the Sarstoon so when he said that it’s bad for him to put his men there because there is threat that they’ll be killing mosquitos and there is chance that they’ll catch dengue I would say that if you don’t want your guys to catch dengue move them out of Belize City and put them at the Sarstoon.”

Maheia says that the BTV is willing to assist in building the Forward Operating Base on Sarstoon Island.