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BTV shares latest development at Sarstoon

Guatemalans have been entering and exiting the country through Belize’s Territorial waters in the south. Yesterday, the Belize Territorial Volunteers, BTV, headed by Wil Maheia made a trip to the Sarstoon River. Unlike many previous occasions, Maheia says that there wasn’t any Guatemalan vessel in sight.


Wil Maheia – Belize Territorial Volunteers

“Yesterday we made a trip down to the Sarstoon border area and I must say that we were pleasantly surprised to see the BDF and the Coast Guard were on patrol. I think that was some good news in the fact that this is a time in the year when the weather is perfect for fishing and perfect for gillnet fishing and yesterday I believe because of the patrol we did not see a single Guatemalan vessel in Belizean waters which is a rarity and I don’t know who is responsible but whoever is responsible for that I think the Belize Territorial Volunteers would like to congratulate them for that and we hope that they could continue to patrol that body of water.”

Maheia added that he feels that if the BDF and the Coast Guard continue to patrol the area, tour guides will once again do tours along the Sarstoon given the increase sense of security.