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Building People Movement talks gender based violence

The Building People Movement has concluded a training in the Toledo District on gender-based violence. Executive Director, Dorla Bowman spoke on the initiative on Wednesday morning.


Dorla Bowman: “This morning we are having the final session in a series of training pertaining to gender based violence. The participants in this training were women and men who are volunteers throughout the Toledo District. We have people participating from all the countries in the Toledo District. The training included several different topics such as looking at the dynamics of rape, incest which are sexual assaults, domestic violence, working and helping them to acquire counselling skills. Also we looked at the protocols, policies and procedures that people need to use in getting services from the Domestic Violence Unit, the Hospital, the Family Court, the Women’s Department and Human Services when it comes to the victims of sexual violence or domestic violence. We also did sessions with them in communications skills and in advocacy so it is a well rounded training session with the focus on gender based violence. The main idea is to eliminate gender based violence but before eliminating gender based violence is to having people understand exactly what is the dynamics and what is the impact of gender based violence.”


The participants participated in monthly training sessions over a nine-month period. Participants received a certificate of participation during the training program closing ceremonies. This event falls under the Live in Peace project that is funded by the US Embassy. The project is being implemented in the Toledo District.