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Building regulations enforced

Mayor Darrel Bradley said that there is an increase in construction in the city which has created a problem with persons not adhering to the building regulations. As a result, the Council is trying to be as vigilant as possible to ensure that persons comply with the building regulations.

Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize

“Enforcement is a big issue it has always been an issue at City Council I suspect that it’s going to continue to be an issue but you want people to really build in the proper way according to their plan so that if somebody wants to do construction including a fence you get a permit for that and our procedures are the newly created building unit of each municipality will go and they will do an inspection they will ensure that you are building within you boundary line and you are building in accordance to what the fences regulations provide for us to the extent that that is an issue it’s something that we police on a regular basis and we try to deal with it as effectively as possible. But there are mechanisms in place; before you do construction you have to get and approval so your plans have to be approved and we have to know exactly what you’re doing and of course our person will ensure that you build where you need to build and in accordance with what the law provides for. There is new legislation now creating a building unit we have more inspectors on the ground going around looking for people who are building contrary to what their licensing and what the law provides for.”

Bradley said that the Council presently has more inspectors to enforce the building regulations.