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Bullet Tree Villagers Vex with Chebat

A demonstration was held this morning in Bullet Tree Village, Cayo District. Some villagers there came out with placards to express their discontent with a supposed survey that is taking place in their village. Chairman Sabino Pinelo Junior says that he was not informed about it. He called it concerning because the area that is under survey is a reserve. 

Sabino Pinelo Jr, Chairman, Bullet Tree Village: “As the sitting chairman of this village I want to categorically clarify as the chairman that I don’t have no idea on what is happening here in the community. All our villagers are upset because somebody is sending and surveyed this reserved area which is designated for a park. One more time I want to clarify as the chairman I don’t have nothing to see with this. We will try our best and see who is the one responsible for doing this.”

Bullet Tree Village falls in the Cayo North constituency, which is represented in Parliament by Michel Chebat. The media asked Chebat about the demonstration. 

Michel Chebat, Minister of Public Utilities: “I understand it is some UDP operatives who are heading this. I have asked Lands Department to check into it to see what the situation is and I’m waiting for information from them. But I want to say this, as part of Plan Belize we’re on record saying that we’re gonna try to give as much first time land owners a piece of land and so I have approached the Lands Department and I have asked them particularly to find land that is available in the village for us to give land to first time homeowners and if this is part of that process then I’m happy to associate myself with this process. I am sure that the Lands Department does all of that assessment before they do anything that has to be part of their process. I am sure that that is part of the process.”

Reporter: But are you willing to dialogue with the people who are protesting right now ? 

Michel Chebat, Minister of Public Utilities: “Well yes I mean I don’t give lands. I can only recommend and I am sure that the Lands Department is open to discuss with anybody. This is not intended to be a controversial thing. We want to get land into the people of first time land owners and into the hands of single mothers.”