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Bullied Teacher Breaks Silence After Checking Herself Into the Hospital

It has been one week since Joanne Ysaguirre, a teacher from St. Luke’s Methodist Primary School went live on Facebook in the midst of an anxiety attack. The video depicted Ysaguirre broken down in tears as she explains that she is being victimized by her superiors. The first incident occurred earlier this year when her lunch break was cut by half hour without her consent and she was not allowed to leave the premises during her break. Additionally, she was directed that she had to call the office whenever she needed to use the restroom. Ysaguirre felt her rights were infringed upon so she decided to take legal action, but, she was reprimanded for contacting a lawyer and was accused of lying. However, the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was when she was called to the office and the local manager tore up a letter that she had written, even after requesting that it be put on her records. Tonight, Ysaguirre is breaking her silence as she spoke with Love News, stating that while she is in a better state than she was last week, she is still in the recovery process.

Joanne Ysaguirre, Teacher, St. Luke’s Methodist Primary School: “I have been doing a little better. You know, thanks to the counselling class that I’m receiving. It’s still a revisiting the video and all of that sometimes. A little anxious to know what will be the outcome of the situation and how it would, it will, um, how the outcome would affect me. So I still have that anxiety there. I believe it’s something I have to work on. I am waiting for the process to take its toll. I know that nothing happens overnight and that’s the anxiety part of dealing with this situation here. You know? Nothing happens overnight, so I will just wait the course and believe we have, um. I believe they have good intentions and so this could be rectified. This situation could be rectified in whatever way they choose to rectify the situation. All I want is just to, you know, settle the matter and get it behind me.” 

Ysaguirre affirms that this situation has not diminished the love she has for teaching and she still wants to be in a classroom helping students after the situation is resolved.