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Bureau of Standards Inks MOU with Underwriters Laboratories

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been inked between the Belize Bureau of Standards and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety certification company. You may have seen their logo on everyday items on extension cords, phone charges and other electronic items.
According to UL’s Vice President of Global Standards, Phil Piqueira (pi-kay-ra) explained how the partnership can help Belize.

Phil Piqueira, Standards, Underwriters Laboratories: “We are very hopeful and expectant that this will allow us to have a much closer collaborative relationship. This MOU supports the regional collaboration agreement that we signed with CrosQ a few years ago and we’re really pleased to enter into MOUs with each of the member countries of CrosQ to help facilitate the region’s strategic aspirations for a more regional approach to standard and to help the economic growth in the region. It also reinfroces UL’s mission which is to make the world a safe place and again I use the words collaborative a few minutes ago and that’s what we look at this agreement as it’s going to be a collaborative agreement to help us determine if we can be of assistance to Belize in it’s needs and we expect also that we’ll learn from the Belize Bureau of Standards at the same time. We’re looking forward to figuring out together what those mutual areas of collaboration should be and I think the most important thing and what I’d like to close my remarks with is that we really do thank you for the trust that you’ve placed in Underwriters Laboratories. We’re committed to working together with you and every other member of CrosQ in the region to help develop standards in the region.”

Director of the Belize Bureau of Standards, Jose Trejo added that his organization welcomes partnerships like this to make the country a better and safer place.

Jose Trejo, Director, Belize Bureau of Standards: “The Bureau looks to key partnerships at the regional level, at the international level, bilateral level. As it relates to memorandum of understandings we’ve had several this is going to be our third and we have another one that we’re working on but we’ve had long standing relationship with ASTM International. We signed an MOU with the Consumer Protection Agency out of Mexico and now we’re signing this MOU with UL and we’re also working on a draft MOU with ANSE the certification body out of Mexico as well so we can appreciate the support that partnerships will bring for us. There is clearly because of our size we’ll be leaning a lot of UL and leaning a lot on the partners to help us grow and develop but I think that we share a common objective; we want the world to be a safer place. We want the world to be a dynamic one with ensuring that the standards underline our society, our economy, our environment and I think that’s the ultimate objective that we have and so this is why this is important for us.”