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Bureau of Standards Investigate Concerns on Flour Repackaging

Reports have been circulating of some grocers repackaging flour under a different brand in Dangriga.  It is a situation that is not unheard of as it has been reported in several other instances.  It is, however, misleading to the consumers and is a matter that requires some attention.  With that in mind, we contacted Jose Trejo of Consumer Protection who told Love News that he is aware of the situation and an inspection was conducted.  Upon inspection, the officials learnt that grocers are having challenges in acquiring the Bebe Agua flour but at the same time, Trejo says there was no imported product on the shelves or in the warehouses when they checked.  He added that it would prove challenging to determine the imported flour from the usual brands as only testing would be able to make that determination. ADM Mills has taken concern on this matter since the imported product is being repackaged in their labelled sacs.  Trejo says ADM Mills are drawing samples to get tested but that is yet to be completed.  Interestingly, imported flour is legal as it does not require an importation license.