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Burgess, Chan and Pacheco To Appear at Senate Inquiry

Tomorrow the Senate Select Committee will resume its investigations into the auditor general’s reports on immigration. Three witnesses are expected to appear before the committee. We understand that former Immigration Minister Carlos Perdomo will reappear. Last week he was questioned in relations to Paul Ku. Ku’s application for nationality was approved even though he did not quality. It was Perdomo who signed the nationality paper as the Minister of Immigration. While Immigration Officer, Therese Chavarria, believed that Ku was not truthful on his application and so she held on to the papers when she went on vacation. When she returned to work,she found out that Ku’s application was approved based on instructions given by Perdomo. Perdomo has denied giving any such instruction. The second witness expected to appear is Assistant Superintendent of Police, Rochelle Chan. Chan was named during the hearing by whistleblower Alvarine Burgess. During her testimony, Burgess recounted her activities as a visa agent. Burgess told the committee she paid Minister Edmond Castro two thousand dollars per visa recommendation and collected one thousand six hundred dollars per trip she made to Belmopan to submit the visa applications. She further alleged that she was a visa agent for ASP Chan who was the one who paid her and Castro for their services. ASP Chan has denied these allegations and is expected to defend himself during tomorrow’s hearing. The third person, we understand, expected to appear is Ady Pacheco. Pacheco had been initially scheduled to appear before the committee in February but was unable due to medical reasons. Investigators considered Pacheco a crucial witness in the Wong Hong Kim passport investigation because she was the second in command in the Nationality Department where the Wong Hong Kim file was. Her name appears numerous times in the Auditor General report and she had been questioned by Belmopan police when the Elvin Penner passport scandal broke.