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Burglaries set back schools

Ephesus SDA Primary School and Wesley Lower School have been targeted by thieves who robbed the school of several essential items valued at thousands of dollars.  Ephesus SDA Primary School was burglarized sometime between last week Friday night and Saturday morning. Love news spoke with Torrianne Smith, one of the teachers, about the items stolen.

Smith said that the incident has set back the school and deprived the students of a proper education. Meanwhile, Wesley Lower School has been burglarized at least five times within one month. Love news spoke with one of the teachers, Pamela Baird, who said that the school is now struggling since the items were stolen.

Both schools are seeking the public’s assistance to replace the items stolen. Ephesus SDA Primary School has a population of one hundred and thirty-seven students. Wesley Lower School has a population of five hundred students.