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Burglars Break into Two Building at the BDF Base in Rural Belize

A burglary took place this past weekend at the Belize Defence Force headquarters at Price Barracks, Ladyville. Thieves broke into the BDF Pre-School and the Family Association building. These two buildings are located at the rear of the compound and away from most of the activities. Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel *Anthony Velasquez says the thieves took advantage of the buildings’ location and the fact that no one uses the buildings during the weekend. According to Velasquez, the thieves got away with about 500 to 800 dollars’ worth of items. *

Lt.Col.Anthony Velasquez, Chief of Staff, BDF: “Items that were missing were twelve fans, a blender, a thirty two inch TV, some food items and some children toys.”

Reporter: Do we know how they got into the buildings ? I understand there was a hole cut through the fence.

Lt.Col.Anthony Velasquez, Chief of Staff, BDF: “Well the building, the family association building is not fenced, the preschool has some fence but basically they broke in through a widow or a door and that’s how they got access to the building. So we’re not sure if the culprits live on base or they’re from outside the camp so the investigation is trying determine that at this present moment.”

Reporter: But would it be someone or a group of persons who would know what was in the building ? 

Lt.Col.Anthony Velasquez, Chief of Staff, BDF: “Definitely it wouldn’t be people who would know that the buildings are unoccupied over the weekend and that there is an opportunity there to break in. It’s not in the central area of Price Barracks it’s more to the back of Price Barracks basically and they are co located meaning that they ‘re almost all together and it’s a very remote area where not much people would frequent. The police investigative team and forensics were conducted on the building and on the areas where the theives touched so they will determine wether any evidence is found and their investigation will determine who it was actually that broke in.”