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Burglars Target a Belize City Primary School

Investigators are looking into a burglary that occurred last night at James Garbutt Primary School in Belize City. Reports say it was around eleven o’clock when burglars broke into the school’s office by prying the doors open with a crowbar. Upon making their way into the office the men stole a number of electrical appliances and other small items. According to the school’s Principal, Marian Morales, quick police response was able to retrieve the stolen items as the thieves abandoned the items in the process of trying to escape from Police.

Marian Morales, Principal, James Garbutt School: 

“Last night I received a phone call from a police officer about the burglary that is ongoing. It was at the same time she called me and informed me about the police being at the school and if I can come or send someone over. So I called one of my teachers and she came and the building was broken into, the office here. The door has minor damage. They used a burglar bar to prise open the door and sawed the burglar bars. They stole a new brad stove, a glass top range that we received as a donation from the Ministry of Education during the UDP administration and also a blender, a cake mixer and an electrical juicer so those are the main items that we saw missing and a few little other stuff. What was found was the stove. The police saw the burglars in the street behind the school, the stove was in the middle of the street and the guys ran away. So the stove was recovered and we have it downstairs in another classroom so just that we got back. I’m planning to make some changes here on our building. I’ll probably get a security system, I’m hoping that maybe someone will hear us and donate that to us to our school, that’s a very costly device and also I was advised that maybe we should get someone to be watchman at our school but that takes money. Currently schools don’t have money because  of the pandemic students are not in school, the parents they lost their jobs.”

If you are willing and able to donate to the school you can reach Morales at 610-8795.