Burglars target Kuxlin Ha Government in Cayo District

Burglars target Kuxlin Ha Government in Cayo District

Police are expected to probe at least two break-ins reported at Kuxlin Ha Government School in the Cayo District. Perpetrators are reported to have broken into several classrooms. What they couldn’t steal, they destroyed. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the school principal. 

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Kuxlin Ha Government School located in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan has been targeted by thieves. This past Saturday night burglars gained entry into one of the buildings on the compound and stole several items. The school principal Sherlene Wilshire said this is not the first time. 

Sherlene Wilshire, Principal, Kuxlin Ha Government School: “Our first experience was Monday when school reopened they went into six classrooms. They vandalized the classrooms. They went with five packs of typing sheets, they tore the teacher’s charts, the messed up the charts with alcohol, with hand sanitizer everything that was in there that the teachers had to use with the students. The games they destroyed the games, they threw away the scissors whatever they could have found in the classroom to destroy. Saturday we discovered again they broke into two classrooms, actually it’s four and again they went with the school supplies from a teacher’s classroom, they went with some small things that the teacher had in there and they again destroyed charts. This morning when we arrived we noticed that another classroom had been broken into, this time they took off the lock and it’s a deadlock. They made their entry through the windows so they took out the louvers, about two louvers each and they went in. So it is very sad  for us. I am very devastated so you can imagine the teachers who worked so hard to have their classrooms beautiful and welcoming for these students that are entrusted into their car. You know these teachers take money out of their pockets to buy these things for their classroom to make these games for the students to learn better, to have hands on activities for them to help them learn better. So I want to plead to the public assist us, help us find who is doing these things. I mean they’re stealing from their children, they’re stealing from their community. This school is theirs, it’s theirs so why not take care of it ? Anyone out there who can help us to find these persons please assist.” 

The break-in comes during a time when the residents of the Maya Mopan community are still reeling from the now triple murder of the Ramnarace brothers and one of their wives. Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, says that the police have since ramped up their efforts in the area in hopes of providing peace of mind to the residents of Belmopan.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “We have put several improvements in that area when it comes to the presence of police officers. That burglary about a burglary at a school we are investigating it but I can tell you that since the rampant crimes that were committed allegedly by Mr. Nah we even have a police vehicle assigned to that area, we have motorcycle patrols assigned in that area even foot patrols. This era is a very large area and we rely on the cooperation and help from the public to assist us in trying to solve these crimes. It is unfortunate that this area has been going through their mourning and you know the criminals out there they look for opportunities to commit crime and it is quite senseless when you would break into a primary school where children would benefit from getting their education and you would actually be that senseless to break into a school and take away from what the children could actually gain from. So we are asking the general public or people in that area if you know anything about that burglary to call 911, call belmopan police,  call Mr. Carcamo, call any police that you know help us to try to bring back some form of security.”

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