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Burn victim, Zaela Gamboa, to seek medical attention abroad

After being burnt in July 2018, 21-year-old Grayson Cadle has since made a remarkable recovery as we have reported. Tonight, however, there is another victim that we are cheering for. i15-month old Zaela Gamboa, is the baby girl who was burnt to the body in Punta Gorda Town on Tuesday, February 26. The child’s mother Aaronie Gamboa says at this stage of treatment there is the need for attention abroad.

Aaronie Gamboa – Mother of child: “We were at home me and my two daughters: one is five and the next is a baby. They were playing and I went to the kitchen and one minute after that I just heard a scream and I ran into the back room, I saw a lot of fire and she was sitting there on a sponge and the outlet on the wall had caught on fire and the sponge was on the wall and she just sat there and didn’t move. She was in the fire so I had to open the sponge and pull her out. That is how I got burned because I had to save her from the fire and I just ran outside and my neighbor rushed us to the hospital. I have to fly out 5 o’clock to Texas. The doctor said that she is not too sure, that she is 50 50 and is not too sure if she is going to make it but we are trying our best to hurry fly her out.”

The child is expected to be flown out with the assistance of Yvette Burks from the Burn Victim Mercy Fund to Shriners Hospitals for Children located in Galveston, Texas. Donations are welcome and can be made to the Burn Victim Fund at Belize Bank account number 1386 6801 0120001.