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Burning Tires on the Highways in the South

Love News has confirmed that five persons were arrested and police are looking for three more in connection with the Belcan Bridge tire-burning episode that occurred between four and five o’clock.  Traffic was diverted for about an hour as fire officials and police cordoned off the area to douse the flames.  In the wee hours of this morning tire-burning episodes were reported in southern Belize and confirmed by the officer responsible for the southern region, Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody.


“About 3:30 this morning I was called out by my patrol when I was called out and informed that there were tires burning at Pomona Village. We then made contact with the fire department who responded to the incident where we extinguished the fire there. We then made our way to mile 17 on the Hummingbird highway where we also observed that there were fires burning as well. I must say that with the good work of the fire department we managed to bring that under control and traffic continued to flow in the area. We don’t have anyone detained at this moment but we are investigating the matter. What we are doing is that we do have a highway patrol so sometimes around midnight last night on the Hummingbird Highway to Punta Gorda.”

While some folks are saying that it is a repeat of 2005, Belize’s Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber says it doesn’t even come close to what happened eleven years ago.


“Those who want to see the government fall they want to try to create that atmosphere. Look at those who tried to light the bridge on fire yesterday. They wanted to create another burning issue on the Belcan Bridge. There are those who are trying to create a similar circumstance because they believe that that is the recipe to bring a government down, well it’s failing miserably. Even the strike is not the same kind of effect on the schools but I don’t want to taunt anybody, we want the teachers back in school we want things to return to normal.”

The tires were laid across the highway down south between four and five o’clock this morning.