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Bus Accident Causes Traffic Congestion on the PG Hwy

At around seven thirty this morning, motorists traveling on the Philip Goldson Highway just beyond the Haulover Bridge on both sides were caught in traffic congestion following an accident involving two passenger buses.  In the incident, the both the Haylock and the Ramos bus were traveling north when the Haylock bus rear-ended the Ramos bus at the approach of the Haulover Bridge.  Bert Ramos, owner of Ramos Bus Service spoke to us at the accident scene.


Well actually what happened is I was coming from Belize City, I had four passengers in my bus going up and while on the approach of the bridge one of those big trucks with the long trailers was coming from the other side of the bridge but it already didn’t do the space and I saw that so I just stopped to let him pass because I didn’t want him to break my mirror. I decided to stop to give the truck the chance to pass and a couple seconds later I heard a loud bang in the back of my bus.”

The driver of the Haylock Bus, Mark Phillips, refused to comment to the media but Ramos did tell us that the Haylock Bus was extensively damaged while his bus which he says he had just bought would have been taken in for repairs today.


He came and said that he couldn’t stop and that he was really sorry and that he tried. If you notice where it got the impact because you could see all the mud off the underside of his engine. It got damaged bad and the whole front is crumpled in. It’s damaged bad because the water started to spray out of this bus, oil and water so I knew he got damaged bad. I wouldn’t want to put a price right now but immediately when I take the bus to truck parts they will do the estimates so they will do everything for me. I recently bought this bus to stay on top of the business so I know it will really affect my business.”


Love News understands that there were five persons injured in this morning’s accident; one from the Ramos Bus and four others traveling in the Haylock Bus.  Those injured were taken for medical attention at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and are not seeking court action in this incident.  Meanwhile Phillips was charged with driving without due care and attention and was granted police bail.