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Bus Catches Fire on the GP Highway

A passenger bus transporting workers of Green Tropics caught fire this morning just before six o’clock on the George Price Highway in the Cayo District.  Aboard the bus were about forty men and women when the driver noticed something amiss.  Owner of the Westline Bus, Sergio Chuc spoke to Love News on the incident.


“That bus was heading this morning to Green Tropics; that takes the workers to Green Tropics.  Somewhere between 5:45 and 6am, the driver felt the bus stalling so he pulled to the side and realized the wheels were locking on him and the friction caused a fire in the tires and that spread to the engine. The fire was small when he saw it and so he had enough time for all the workers to alight the vehicle. Nobody was hurt and thank God everything and everyone is fine.”

Chuc says that a preliminary mechanical report links the brake line to the fire.

Westline Bus 1SERGIO CHUC

“I spoke to the mechanic and he said the most likely cause was that the brake lining were already too low and the bus has a system that when the brake line is too low then it would lock off the brakes automatically and I believe that is what happened, the brakes began locking and the friction caused the fire. The driver may have stopped before and that could have prevented it but he was still pushing the bus and that caused the flame. The driver called the supervisor and we sent another bus immediately.  In about fifteen, twenty minutes, the other bus was there and took the workers to the road but the fire engine came immediately and out the fire; the bus was already completely engulfed. 

Chuc is contracted to transport the workers, who are from San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carmen, each day to and from their workplace at Green Tropics.  The loss due to this fire is valued at about twenty five thousand Belize dollars.  The bus had Third Party Passenger Liability insurance which meant that the insurance package only covers injured passengers.