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Bus Driver Needs Help in Financing Open Heart Surgery

The family of 44 year old Tyron Coleman needs your help. Coleman who is a driver for James Bus Line, needs to undergo open heart surgery but first he needs to be airlifted to the Cayman Islands. His family is trying to secure funds to get him to the Cayman Islands. Coleman’s sister in law, Dorla Williams gave us more details.


“The update is that we’ve raised over $10,000 and as we are speaking people are contributing and calling and contributing towards this cause. One of the hospitals that we have been in contact with is the {Health City } hospital in the Cayman Islands. They are very passionate about helping us. You know we are two caribbean countries and the staff there at the hospital they have been dialoguing with us and have been in touch with Dr.Coye here so it’s a back and forth dialogue from hospital to hospital and with the family also and the representative here in Belize Mrs.McNab she’s also been in touch with the family. The surgery can’t be done here at the moment because at KHMH they do have visiting American doctors who come in and do perform heart surgeries but they won’t be coming in until November 13th and that is too late for him.”

Coleman is currently at the KHMH in a stable condition.  Monies can be deposited into Scotia Bank account: 1902322, Belize Bank account: 5514, Atlantic Bank account: 211497904, Heritage Bank account 9213351 and Holy Redeemer Credit Union account 41726. The family can be contacted at 633-3436, 634-3124 or 601-6229.