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Bus Held Up and Robbed

On Monday evening a bus conductress was robbed while on the George Price Highway. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the driver of the bus who recounted how the incident unfolded.

Fem Cruz, Love FM

“Roaring Creek Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred on a BBOC bus late yesterday evening. Love News understands that the driver of the bus Sam Stain, his conductress along with their passengers were on their way from Cayo to Belmopan when sometime around 6:20 p.m. upon reaching between mile 52 and 53 on the George Price Highway in the ”Good Living Ranch” they picked up two passengers. The driver, Sam Stain, explains.

Sam Staine, Bus Driver: “I left from Benque at 5PM and from downtown Cayo at 5:30 p.m.. Coming along Camalote at bus stop I dropped off one person and when I looked up, I saw two people standing and when I stopped they were behind each other and as soon as I stopped the front person moved off and the gun person pointed the gun at the conductor and from where he fired a shot and the conductor handed over the purse and that was it. I didn’t see his face, he had on a mask on his face and he escaped that is it.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: How much money more or less did they go with?

Sam Staine, Bus Driver: “Well I guess $250 or $300 the most.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: More or less how many passengers were on the bus?

Sam Staine, Bus Driver: “Maybe 35 I guess.”

The bullet missed the driver and hit just above the driver’s seat.