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Bus Operators Meet with Ministry of Transport Regarding Subsidies

Members of the Belize Bus Association are calling on the government to deliver on its promise as it relates to the bus subsidy program agreement. Bus operators allege that they received a subsidy for about twenty days out of the month and not the entire month. Members say that some bus operators have runs every day of the week so they are still working at a loss. We asked the Minister of Transport, Rodwell Ferguson, about this today and he told us that GOB has been working on distributing these subsidies. He also explains that the ministry is working with them to improve the public transit system. 

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth, Sports, and Transportation: “The operators are very happy that they have received their subsidy. I think up until last week only one operator did not receive and we are trying to fetch that person to come and receive his or her subsidy. So another part of the meeting yesterday was a discussion about bus routes and the upcoming future transformation of transportation in this country and they are very open to working with us because I am very open with them and we are working together.” 


In July, the government rolled out a 1.6 million fuel subsidy program to target over ninety bus operators. The program is geared at minimizing the financial impacts caused by the surge in fuel prices.