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Bus owner speaks of new parking area in Chetumal

Today most Belizean buses crossed into Chetumal City, Mexico. Love News understands that most bus operators have resumed their full runs to Chetumal after Mexican authorities reportedly retracted most of their demands. Bus drivers were moved from the Lazaro Cardenas Market in the City and are now parking at the old ADO bus terminal located off the Insurgentes Avenue in the City. Belizeans are now required to use taxis to get around in the city and back to where the buses are parked. Late Friday evening an announcement was circulated on Facebook informing the public that buses from Belize would no longer be entering the Mexican City following a meeting with representatives of the Othon P Blanco City Council, the state and federal police, and transport department there. The bus operators were being asked to relocate to the old ADO bus terminal and secure a number of Mexican issued documents. Following the move by bus operators to refrain from entering the city, the demands were dropped. One of the owners who preferred to comment off camera had already begun his regular runs to Chetumal on Monday.

Bus owner
“They were asking us for insurance for the bus, they wanted us to have insurance for the buses coming to Chetumal and they also wanted the drivers to have Federal license for driving over Mexico. They were also speaking about paying 150 pesos each day for the parking but now that we came over they are saying that the only thing is changing is that us coming over here to park and we are going to pay a fee of 100 pesos per week per bus and we are going to use the Insurgentes to come into Mexico and only on the Insurgentes, after that if they find us anywhere apart from the Insurgentes they will give us a ticket. Right here we don’t have to worry about the traffic police, we have bathroom facilities, water everything. It’s even better over here.”

Love News has been informed that the Mexican authorities have retracted the rest of their demands for the next six months to a year. We are told that at least ninety percent of about ten bus lines have resumed their normal operations into Chetumal City.