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Buses Need to Be up to standards

Also on the topic of buses, the Department of Transport last year announced that bus operators will be required to upgrade their buses to suitable standards. The deadline for that was first last year and was pushed to the middle of this year but as Transport Minister Rodwell Ferguson explained, the deadline is now in December. 

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth, Sports and Transport:  “We have extended the deadline to December 2022 and that does not mean that December 2022 you will see all upgraded buses on the highway but the transformation should begin. As a matter of fact it has begun for Floralia and maybe after three or four months you’re going to see some new buses, better than what we have to provide adequate transportation for the people of Belize. So you will see the transformation start. I don’t expect that by December will be in place but you are going to see the start. I asked the Chief Transport Officer to start to write the operators that by the end of September wan to see it start to begin so we’ll have a deadline so let’s make a move, let’s make a start. We’re going to transform the entire transportation industry in this country. We are saying if you will upgrade then you’re going to get a ten year road service permit. Right now they only have a two year road service permit and it’s inadequate so after two years it expires you’re at the mercy of the Ministry of Transportation who c an say it’s not going to be approved again or renewed. But for ten years if you get a run for eight years and you get a bus run for ten years that means you can definitely manage your loan and provide the transportation that you want.”