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Business Manager and Son of Marie Sharp Murdered, girlfriend not harmed

Last week Marie Sharp, the matriarch of Marie Sharp Pepper Sauce empire had recently buried her husband Gerry.  Her time of mourning is doubled as her eldest son, Michael Williams who manages the Belize City Sales office for the company was brutally murdered in Belize City. Williams had moved his family from the Stann Creek District to Belize City where they had made their home in the Kings Park Area. Love News spoke to his son, Jody who says that it is evident that someone had put out a hit on his father.

Jose Sanchez: “ Michael Williams, the General Manager for Marie Sharp’s sales office in Belize City was killed on Sunday night on North Front Street.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police responded to shots being fired on North Front Street and as a result they visited that location and upon looking at #56 North Front Street they observed a gold in color SUV parked on the right hand side of the street. Inside of that vehicle the motionless body of a male person was seen who was later identified as that of Mr. Michael Alexander Williams a 58 year old General Manager of a Belize City address. Upon opening the vehicle Police found that he was suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds to the body. He was taken to the morgue where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

Jose Sanchez: “His son Jody Williams says that it was a hit on his father.”

Jody Williams Son: “This wasn’t just a random robbery or a random thing. This was a hit on my dad and for whatever reason we don’t know. Right now the Police is taking care of the investigation but this wasn’t something random,it was carefully planned. They were following him, they went to his glass and they shoot up my dad and up to now we can’t swallow it but we have to because it is reality. I lost my dad and one thing I can say is that we want answers and we want justice to be served.”

Jose Sanchez: “They did not go in the vehicle to take his wallet or take anything from him?

Jody Williams Son: “No nothing. They did what they had to do and just left.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Mr. Williams was to drop off a person at that location and whilst both of them were inside of the vehicle speaking to each other they were approached by two male persons one of whom fired several shots from outside to inside of the vehicle causing the injuries to him.”

Jody Williams Son: “He was taking his girlfriend home and it happened right in front of  the residence and my dad has been with her for a little while now. I don’t know specific details with him and her. My dad came here with us and then he would go out at night but that is what happened.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Is there a pattern for what time he would normally take her home?”

Jody Williams Son: “Yes they knew where they were, they knew exactly where they would stop on the North Front Street address and they knew exactly what they wanted to do from the start so that is the case right now. We want answers and we don’t know who it could have been but we are leaving it to the Police to take care of that.”

Jose Sanchez: “Have you had any communication with the young lady any at all?”

Jody Williams Son: “No but Police are doing their job interrogating and getting any additional information because she was there with my dad when it happened.”

Jose Sanchez: “No stone is being unturned as the Police is looking to the history of both Williams and his girlfriend.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: ” He has no records with the Police and the female who was along with him is also a person that does not show on our records likewise.”

Reporter: “What injuries did she sustain sir?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “She sustained minor injuries because of the splinters from the window that was broken.”

Jose Sanchez: “Are you going to question anyone whom his girlfriend may have been in a relationship with as regards to the whereabouts as to the time of that incident.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “ As far as you are aware he didn’t have anyone who hated him to want him gone?”

Jody Williams Son: “No and that is why everyone doesn’t believe like why Mr. Mike? As far as we know he had no threats and no enemies but we will find out what exactly happened and hopefully with the Police we could get some answers.”

Jose Sanchez: “There are more questions that answers but the murder of the prominent businessman shows that not all violent murders are gang related. Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Michael Alexander Williams was 58 years old.