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More business owners team up with BPD

There are additional incentives being procured by the Southside Commander from the business community in Belize City. Walter Campos of Dibary Group of Companies signed an agreement with Senior Superintendent Howell Gillet today which will see the police Officer of the Month from April to December receive a gift certificate.

Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett:“Dibary contacted us and volunteered to give a $500 certificate for stuff that they sell at their store to any officer who becomes the officer of the month starting 1st April which has just gone up to the 31st of December and we signed a contract on that this morning, an agreement both with the owner and myself and we will try to renew that and try to create more partnerships within the communities to assist our officers. We want the idea of corruption, just to speak of it is bad and police abuse we want those to go away but we have to do our parts to help our officers to do well with they have and we have to try to assist them in any way and the public is very very supportive at the moment and we want to piggy back on that so officers have full benefits.”