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Businesses Cautioned Against Fraudulent Solicitations

Several businesspersons have received solicitation letters purported to be on behalf of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, headed by Dianne Finnegan.  For some weeks now these requests have been reaching multiple establishments but only until last week was Finnegan made aware of such requests.  As recent as this morning, footage from a surveillance camera was captured and the individuals responsible for such frauds are expected to be approached by the proper authorities.  In speaking with Love News, Finnegan says she has not authorized anyone to solicit funds using her name or signature which was forged on the letter.  In the letter sent to one establishment on the George Price Highway, the culprit attempted to make it look as though Sista B and Finnegan were asking for financial aid in burying a family member.  Finnegan is asking the public to contact her office immediately if they are approached for donations using her name or that of the Youth Apprenticeship Program.