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Businessman who was kidnapped on Sunday still captive; police believe he is still alive

The search for businessman Omero Campos continues. The San Narciso Village resident was last seen on Sunday when he left his house and headed to his farm. After being missing for some hours, his family received a call in which persons who allegedly took him asked for ransom money. Police continues to investigate the case and while he would not go into much detail of their operation, Deputy Commissioner of Police and Operations Commander Chester Williams gave an overview of the efforts being placed into solving Campos’ kidnapping.

DCP Chester Williams: All indications he had been kidnaped, we have police officers still on the ground canvasing to see what can be picked up to be able to assist us in that investigation hopefully that may be able to lead us to his return safely home. There are several things happening on the ground which I will not say to the media because we don’t want to be able to give our full operational strategy to those who may have in captive but we are on the grounds and we are doing several things to be able to assist in returning him safely home to his family.

Reporter: Can you say definitively if the Police Department knows this gentleman is still alive?

DCP Chester Williams: Well I can’t say with certainty at this time but I know that two days ago his wife spoke with him and he was in good spirt and good health so we are hoping and we praying that he still is alive and are trying our best to return him to his family.

Reporter: Are you all creating any nexus between the location of his farm and certain night time flights.

DCP Chester Williams: Well as investigators we cannot rule out any possibilities, we have to look at all possible angles and if we want to conduct an intense investigation we have to explore every possibility and that is what we are doing. 

DCP Williams adds that they cannot say for certain whether Campos is in Belize or has been taken to Mexico but they have enlisted the assistance of Mexican authorities. Campos is the proprietor of a tyre shop in Corozal. His tractor was found abandoned in his farm.